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the main benefit of -22c is

2012-02-11 13:00:03 by cycerin


if anyone is curious about what i'm up to these days, they should check out my soundcloud!

the main benefit of -22c is


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2012-02-11 14:27:45

jesus christ -22 D:
Im freezing my balls off at -15 :S

cycerin responds:

yeah i quite nearly die every time i go outside, luckily when my joints freeze up i can just keel over and slide downhill until the people outside the store notice me and drag me into the warmth


2012-02-11 18:55:24

._. That's some freezing weather. And i love the cold. And it looks like you have been rather busy cycerin. Good luck with any future music you make.


2012-07-15 22:47:25

On the upside, the scenery is a lot better looking than the dead cacti I get to look at.